How to Start a Blog? Panduan Membuat Website Hanya 30 Menit

Why Even a Template-Based Website Can Work for Your Business

It has become important to have an online presence, in fact it is accepted that those businesses without an online presence will not last long in the modern internet driven world. Many a new business has shied away from using the cheaper templated versions of website design that are readily available, and instead spent huge amounts to create bespoke internet and web-based marketing and web site interactions. This article looks at why even a templated website will do the job you need from it, as long as you have included the following key aspects.

What is a Templated Website

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This is a website that is pre-designed and will come as part of an offering from the designers or the maintenance team. The idea is that those with the least amount of tech, web design and internet knowledge can still very easily institute and implement a website for their business. The site is generally quite simple and in most cases will allow for some basic optimization.

It Needs Bespoke and Site-Specific SEO

Any website will need to have a clear SEO plan to help it be found by customers. This is the one thing that cannot be generic and simply based on a template. For example, if you’re in the cannabis and medical marijuana fields, then you will want to work with a cannabis SEO agency that has proven experience in this specific field. Once you have the design and the template to use, you will need to select Keywords, and ensure that your content is authentic and evergreen. Institute a means to monitor the visitors to the site and try to keep them on the site for long enough to make an enquiry or show some interest in your products and services.

To be Unique

Yes, it may be based on a template, but you will still need to ensure that the design, colors and brand positioning are all unique to your specific site. Do some detailed research in the sector and endeavor to keep your online presence unique. The support from a professional SEO service may also include this in their SEO audit and analysis, but it will be one of the major concerns: to keep it as unique and different as possible using the same template that a myriad of other business have already used.

Integrated with Social Media

The best way to keep your website unique and ensure that it is highly regarded in your field or sector is to ensure that it is integrated with your businesses social media. Add unique and content specific blogs and social media to interact and engage with your client and customer base.

Having a web presence is indeed important and a vital component of all modern businesses. However, for some of the newer businesses and sectors out there, this process will be even more difficult, given issues of affordability and pricing. The secret for many has been to go with a templated website and then have some seriously professional SEO and support to make whichever site they have chosen to stand out head and shoulders above their competition.

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