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Full Details on N10-007 Exam and How to Obtain CompTIA Network+ Certification?

Full Details on N10-007 Exam and How to Obtain CompTIA Network+ Certification? – If you dream to start working in an international company as a system engineer or network field analyst, then you should start evaluating your resume. Do you have enough practical experience to prove your skills? Have you obtained any worth-mentioning certifications lately that might impress your recruiters?

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While in some cases you can win a job by demonstrating advanced skills in a certain domain, it doesn’t work always like this. By adding international accreditation to your CV list, you will gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. The CompTIA Network+ certification credential is a wise investment which you can make in your future. It will help you develop advanced skills and troubleshoot network breaches or unexpected situations.

Do you wonder how you can win this badge? All you have to do is to obtain a passing score in N10-007 exam. As this test has a higher than average difficulty level, you should be very organized in your training process and use the best preparation methods. As not many candidates know where to start, we have created this article to help you personalize your training and choose the most efficient materials.

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Top Skills Necessary to Pass CompTIA N10-007 Test

In comparison to other CompTIA certifications, the Network+ certification includes only one exam. If you want to become a skilled system engineer or have the opportunity to choose between different job offers, then you need to pass N10-007 exam. By adding this Network+ credential to your portfolio you will send a clear message to any recruiter in the world that you know very well what you are doing, and you are proficient in network-related issues.

But, before you start studying, you should know very well which skills you need to develop to get the passing score in your assessment from the first try. Take a look at the list below and try to evaluate your current knowledge level. So, N10-007 exam will check how efficiently you can:

  • Improve the performance of security protocols by developing different solutions and develop a coherent evaluation process that delivers accurate results;
  • Configure different network devices and manage them to improve the company’s networking processes;
    Identify several solutions to help you develop different sets of networks that will bring added value to the company and internal stakeholders;
  • Immediately notice any flaws in the company’s network system and take urgent action and solve the problem without business interruptions;
  • Understand how different switches work and how they can help to improve the business’ performance.

Moreover, if your goal is to become a well-paid system engineer, then you should develop advanced skills when it comes to protecting the network infrastructure and help the business have better results by developing coherent security policies. You will be the go-to person whenever a breach of security appears. Thus, you should be ready at any time to come with efficient solutions and troubleshoot the company’s software and hardware.

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Features of N10-007 Assessment

Now let’s speak more about the CompTIA N10-007 test. This accreditation was launched in 2018. According to CompTIA rules, this exam is valid for three years. Thus, we expect that the vendor will launch a new test in 2021. However, you shouldn’t wait for the new exam to be launched but take advantage of the present moment. Even though the assessment will have an updated version, if you already obtained the Network+ certification, it will still be valid. Also, if you want to upgrade your skills and stay updated with the market’s trends, you should constantly check the vendor’s website and enroll in new exams whenever they are available.

Coming back to N10-007 assessment, you should know that the registration fee for it is $329 and the testing provider is Pearson VUE. So, the enrolment process starts by accessing the provider’s platform and following the instructions given until you are fully registered. The minimum passing score that you must get to successfully do your test is 720 points. You will have to solve 90 multiple-choice questions, performance-based or drag and drop items for 90 minutes. So, as far as you see, you should have a strong knowledge of the concepts tested during the assessment.

Do you wonder where you should start with the preparation process? Let’s find out below.

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Training Materials to Complete CompTIA N10-007 Test

If you don’t know where to start with your training, you should take a look at the vendor’s website. Here you will find different materials to help you get a passing score in your N10-007 without stress. For example, you can try virtual classroom training and learn more about the skills you need to develop if you want to be a successful system engineer. If you are more productive in interactive classes, then the instructor-led training is the right choice for you. Also, CompTIA’s official test page contains plenty of recorded videos and study guides to help you ace your skills in this test. See how easy it is to obtain the Network+ certification?

It’s also worth noting that all the preparation resources available on the vendor’s site are created by skilled trainers with lots of years of experience. They constantly update their materials and keep pace with the employment market’s requirements. Also, CompTIA’s trainers have analyzed the students’ learning habits and adapted them so that exam-takers can obtain the best results in their assessments.


By obtaining the CompTIA Network+ certification, you leverage your skills as an IT specialist who can efficiently troubleshoot any network breaches. N10-007 is the only exam required to obtain this accreditation. As its difficulty level is quite high, you will need to study hard to get the passing score from the first attempt. Your success is guaranteed if you use different training options that are offered by the vendor.

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