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Prepaway – 5 Tips to Prepare for Microsoft 70-698 Exam in Order to Obtain MCSA Certification

Millions of computers are globally run with the Windows Operating System. As organizations adopt rapidly the operating system into their operations, their demand for the IT professionals with the skills is bound to increase. The purpose of the MCSA certification is to prove that one has what it takes to configure properly Windows 10 to meet the organization’s needs.

In order to prepare for the Microsoft 70-698 certification exam, you will need to develop a good study plan. This article presents a comprehensive study guide to help you achieve your MCSA certificate.

microsoft 70-698 exam mcsa certification

1. Understand the course structure

To prepare properly for the Microsoft 70-698 exam, you must have a clear understanding of itsstructure. This will help you have a clue of the areas where questions will be sourced from. Remember that the exam content changes from time to time. Thus, you should always remain updated with regards to the structure. Generally, Microsoft 70-698 is split into 3 categories, namely: Implement Windows, Manage and Maintain Windows and Configure and Support Vital Services.

The study materials chosen for the preparation must be also up-to-date. If you prepare for the exam using materials made 4 years ago, chances are you will study an outdated technology. We are currently progressing to the Windows version higher than 10, so it will be quite a disservice to yourself to study using resources that make references to Windows 7. Your focus ought to be on what is current and what the future looks like. Some exam questions are usually projected onto a future technology. Therefore, look into any future trends during your studying.

2. Manage your time

A crucial part of the Microsoft 70-698 exam preparation is how you manage your time. This is particularly true if you have a busy schedule. Whether what is keeping you busy is family commitments or duties related to your work, you will always find something about time that hinders you from obtaining the important certificate. But every person has an equal 24 hours a day, but there are others who have been able to pass the This means that the way to earn an IT credentialis about how well you can manage this limited time. You can change your daily routine during your preparation process. For example, you can wake up an hour earlier or shorten your lunch time. You should understand that if you are not serious about time management, even the most progressive resources and study materials that you will use to prepare for the 70-698 exam will be powerless and useless.

3. Determine the revision materials

The materials you plan to use for studying determine whether you will pass or not. Fortunately, there are a couple of resources that can be used forthe Microsoft 70-698 exam preparation. To make the process more effective,one should use some key preparation tools, which are very helpful when he/she is preparing for the test. These resources include instructor-led training. It refers to a study resource, in which there is an instructor who takes you through the whole preparation process. It is a useful strategy, especially when you do not have enough experience on Windows 10. While taking the exam, it is recommendedan on-demand training alternative. The reason why you should choose this option is that it will give you the versatility of studying at your own pace and at your own place. You should also have a good study plan to make your preparation process dynamic and efficient. The other resource that can be useful for you is the Installing and Configuring Windows 10 book, which comes with vital practical information that provides any individual with strong practical skill sets on Windows 10 installation.The preparation tool that we cannot fail to mention is a practice test. Taking the practice tests is like looking into the future. Thispermits you to have an idea of what the actual exam structure and objectives will be.

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4. Regular breaks will do the trick

A common mistake that most candidates make is spending too much time studying for the Microsoft 70-698 exam. They study hard, trying to cover too much content without giving themselves a break. That is a poor study approach. Make sure that you spread out your study plan into time intervals of not more than 2 hours. Trying to study your content continuously without a break will only lead to forgetting a big percentage of what’s been studied.

5. Turn off music and TV

When you seat down for studying, ensure that music and TV are turned off. You want to make sure that the content studied sinks into your mind. Learning with distractions all around does not yield any positive results. The process of getting ready for your Microsoft 70-698 certification exam deserves total silence. Understanding the steps involved in the installation of Windows 10 is important, but with regular distractions, you will not be able to do so. When you place your hands on the resources provided below, make sure that your surrounding allows you to concentrate.

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You have what it takes to excel in your 70-698 exam, but your success is reliant on your dedication to your studying. By following the above study guide, you are bound to soar to greater heights and achieve a lot.

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