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ExamSnap List: Microsoft Certifications That Will Pay You Well

ExamSnap List: Microsoft Certifications That Will Pay You Well – The world is developing towards the digital age. Jobs, employment, and other career options are dependent on skills related to IT. Microsoft is a Global Fortune company leading in the IT sector. It has introduced many certifications. These programs educate and make the individuals improve skills in IT to perform in the upcoming digital age. There are a variety of credentials that ExamSnap has compiled to show which one pays better. They are discussed in this article.

Microsoft Certifications exam snap

1. MCSD: App Builder

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer urges you to acquire skills that are used in developing software of various Microsoft products. The developing work consists of debugging, devising solutions, and other developing methods. This is innovative and flexible process. It allows you to be more productive and encourages critical thinking. The average annual pay is reported to be approximately $108,520. This is a high amount for a software or application developer. To get this certificate, you will be required to pass an exam. With ExamSnap, you shouldn’t worry because it has the best quality content to prepare you for the certification test.

2. MCSA: Data Engineering with Azure

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate is the second top certificate that Microsoft offers in Data Engineering with Azure. It primarily shows that an individual understands and applies engineering methods and design analytics on Azure. It is also used in the implementation and operation of big workflows in HDInsight. The main jobs that this credentialhelps you get are a database analyst, a database engineer, and a business intelligence analyst. They offer unique sets of tasks, which are required by major IT and business companies in the IT section. The average annual salary of a database analyst is about $66,000, which incrementally increases with promotions. NOTE: The certificate retires on 30th of June, 2019.

3. MCSA: Windows Server 2012

This certification is based on building and designing of the intricate architecture of Windows Server. The MCSA:Windows Server 2012 credentialis designed to reduce IT costs and increase business value. The certificate holders are qualified for job roles such asa system administrator or a network administrator. According to the U.S. Bureau and Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a system administrator ranges from $43,000 to $64,000. The salary increases with experience, which is typically 5 years and extra skills acquired during the period.

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4. MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

The Cloud technology is a new data storage method and data operating center for the modern age. All the technology will be soon transitioning towards this technology, which will be a big step up for digital age to instigate. MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure mainly deals with Cloud management techniques. The proper qualification for an individual acquiring this certificate includes posts, such as a Cloud architect, a Cloud administrator, a computer support specialist. This credentialis focused on developing skills related to the operation at the data center. ExamSnap Home Page Its main purpose is efficiency. The skills acquired include the expertise in Cloud management, which is proved by this certification.

5. MCSA: Linux on Azure

The associate certificate holds an important value in Cloud computing. It requires the necessary skills in designing, developing, and maintenance of Cloudto enable the Linux system on Azure. The main responsibility that comes with this certification is optimization, installation, and developing of Linux on Azure. The average annual salary of a MCSA: Linux on Azure certificate holder ranges from $47,300 to $107,300. The professional career is as a Linux system administrator. The holder has abilities in virtualization, Puppet, Perl, VMware ESX, Automation scripting, and Python, etc. According to a survey by PayScale, it was recorded that 100% of specialists were satisfied with their jobs. At this moment, the credential is retired.

6. MCSE: Mobility

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert is a certification that demonstrates the necessary skills to operate at a high level providing your strategy for problem-solving and decision making. The main area of expertise for the certificate holder covers the responsibilities of a desktop support technician. The average annual salary is around $128,000. There are some essential competences that are required to achieve success. The qualified specialists are able to run devices in BYOD enterprise. This certification comes with the individuals’dedication and determination.

7. MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an intelligent business application. You must trainto earn the certificate and demonstrate your skills that are related to implementation, installation, and optimizing of Microsoft Dynamics 365 features. The main career options include jobs such as a solution architect anda solution implementer. A solution architect is an experienced professional who has basic skills of Java/J2ee, a network architecture/design and software architecture. These are the skills that enable the certificate holder to operate the modern Cloud technology storage and data center for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The average annual salary for a solution architect is about $114,000. The credential doesn’t require anything except passing the tests. To prepare for the exams, browse the ExamSnap website and find the materials for the Microsoft tests. Updated braindumps will definitely help you in your studies.

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The exams for most of these credentials are tough, and you will need the help of professional training web resources. The tests can be prepared at ExamSnap where mock exams and practice tests are carried to achieve better results. The primary candidates’ goal is to pass the exam and obtain the certificate, which can be easily achieved by reaching out to the services offered by ExamSnap.

It is evident from different sources how important, fundamental, and necessary theMicrosoft certifications mentioned above for the digital age enterprise. Thus, ExamSnap has provided its detailed analysis, which covers the many beneficial aspects of the top Microsoft certificates that can help you build a successful IT career.

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