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3 Air Conditioner Misconceptions You Should Avoid

Whether for your home or your office, an air conditioner can help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day, but it may be difficult to find the right one, especially if you’ve unknowingly been exposed to some air conditioning misconceptions. There are many wrong and harmful ideas out there about air conditioners that can negatively affect your unit’s longevity and cooling performance, so here are some air conditioner misconceptions that you need to avoid.

avoid air conditioner

Misconception #1: All Air Conditioners Have the Same Cooling Power

It’s easy to believe that all air conditioners have the same cooling potential and that it doesn’t matter which unit you get, especially for those of you who are looking to buy your very first one. However, there are definitely a few factors that you need to consider before making such a significant purchase and decision.

Firstly, you need to think about the square footage of the space that you’re looking to cool as this will dictate the cooling capacity that you should be looking for in a brand-new unit. Cooling power is often measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), and each square foot of living space requires around 20 BTU to cool down.

Getting a unit with too high of a BTU rating will not only make you more uncomfortable but also put unnecessary stress on the air conditioner, leading to a decreased lifespan and increased wear and tear. On the other hand, a unit with too low of a BTU rating won’t be able to efficiently cool down your space and leave you with a disappointing cooling experience.

Misconception #2: Air Conditioners Don’t Have to Be Regularly Cleaned

While not technically a misconception as most people are aware that air conditioners need to be cleaned, this is still something that many of us don’t take as seriously as we should, believing it to be more of a suggestion than a requirement. However, air conditioners that are infrequently cleaned and poorly maintained can experience a wide range of issues such as breakage and damage, declining cooling performance, as well as a decreased lifespan.

There are definitely some things that you can do to make sure that your unit functions better for longer such as checking and cleaning the air filter and air vents regularly, but it’s best to leave the rest to the professionals. Many companies offer a wide range of services such as cleaning, repairs, and maintenance to ensure that your air conditioner performs at its best. To learn more about these services, you can visit

Misconception #3: Air Conditioners Only Cool Down a Space

When we think of air conditioners, we often think about their ability to make a space feel colder and more comfortable, but this isn’t the only thing that AC units can do these days. Thanks to the many innovations and technological advancements being offered by brands, air conditioners can now remove excess moisture from the air, purify the air, clean themselves, and direct airflow automatically with smart technology.

Aside from these, users can now also control their air conditioners from anywhere with a few simple taps on their phones as most air conditioners now come with apps. Some units come with different integrations that allow users to interact with programs like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. While the latest air conditioners are great at cooling down any space, they can also do so much more now.

Buying a brand new air conditioner is always a great investment towards your comfort, but it’s important to educate yourself on everything that you need to know before choosing a unit. There is a lot of false information out there about air conditioners, but being aware of these will help you make better and more informed decisions and find the best unit for you.

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