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Top Reasons For Website Cart Abandonment

Top Reasons For Website Cart Abandonment – Throughout the 21st century, it has become increasingly common for folks to buy jewelry, groceries and other items through online retailers. When done properly, shopping online is an easy, fun and convenient way for consumers to get what they need. Unfortunately, retailers routinely put obstacles in front of customers that may make them less likely to complete a transaction. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key reasons why consumers abandon their digital shopping carts.

cart website abandonment

The Checkout Process Takes Too Long to Complete

Ideally, a checkout page will load in roughly a second. Research shows that consumers are more likely to navigate away from any page that takes longer than that to load. Therefore, it may be a good idea to do a speed test to determine if slow loading times are interfering with your site’s ability to make money.

The Checkout Process Is Too Complicated

Your site’s checkout process should be designed so that it is as straightforward as possible. This means making a transaction page that only contains information that is necessary to complete a transaction. In most cases, you’ll only need to include a description of what a person is buying, how much it costs and when the customer can expect to receive his or her order.

You Aren’t Doing Enough to Safeguard Their Information

Consumers typically take great pains to safeguard their personal information. Therefore, if they think that you aren’t taking their online safety and security seriously, they won’t go through with a transaction. At a minimum, your site should have a privacy policy that can be read at any time. Furthermore, it’s important to stress to your customers that you abide by industry standards as it relates to encrypting information.

You Are Asking for Too Much Information

You typically don’t need more than a customer’s name and shipping address to ensure that an order is sent to the right person. Of course, you’ll also need to collect payment information before the order can be fulfilled. However, if you ask for anything that a person may deem to be unnecessary to complete a transaction, that person might simply walk away from his or her online cart.

There Are Too Many Steps to the Process

The checkout process should involve little more than a few clicks of a customer’s mouse or a few taps on their phone’s screen. If you are sending your customer to multiple pages, it may increase the risk that this person will abandon the process altogether. If a customer has ordered a product from your site in the past, it may be a good idea to save that person’s information so that future transactions can be conducted in even less time.

An abandoned shopping cart likely means that your site has done a poor job of delivering a quality shopping experience. Therefore, it is important to review your site’s overall design to determine what has likely gone wrong to minimize the risk that others will also decide not to buy your company’s goods.

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