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Top 5 Manga Recommendations From Mangakakalot For Fans Of Secret Class

Are you an avid reader of the popular series Secret Class and seeking other manga suggestions to sate your unquenchable need for captivating tales? Look nowhere else! The best five manga books from Mangakakalot are listed here, and they will undoubtedly spark your reading passion. Prepare for an exciting adventure across the drama, romance, and suspense worlds.

Top manga romantic

These manga romance choices will leave you on the verge of your seats since they feature stories of forbidden romance and dark secrets. Get lost in the engaging stories, nuanced character arcs, and breathtaking graphics that these manga masters have to offer. These suggestions are sure to leave you wanting more, regardless matter whether you’re a die-hard Secret Class fan or are just beginning your journey into the world of manga. Prepare to enter the manga world and experience a new level of narrative enthusiasm!

Nozoki Ana

  • Author: Wakou Honna
  • Genre : Drama, Romance, Seinen

As he moves to the area for art school, Tatsuhiko Kido merely wants a conventional college experience filled with enjoyment, friends, and attractive women. His life drastically changes when he witnesses another resident Emiru Ikuno jerking while confronting him through a hole in the apartment walls. He gazed to make matters worse, and Emiru saw him. As a result, he rushed into the subsequent room to apologize. But then he encounters Emiru, who quickly snaps a photo and coerces him into having an affair with her so they may spy on each other. And to add even more intrigue, he learns that Emiru is in the same class! Even while Kido is first intrigued and just a little bothered by their conversation, it starts to gnaw at his thoughts, psychological wellness, and relationships with other women. This is a deeply moving story about regret, sensuality, and discovering love in unforeseen settings.


  • Author: Hiroya Oku
  • Genre: Drama, Girls Love, Romance, Ecchi, Seinen.

Chizuru Yoshida is well-informed that she is not a normal high school student. She is skilled at manipulating her male partners and frequently appears chilly and calculating. She was never in love, regardless of her interactions with males. That is, until Azumi Yamada, a recently transfer student, arrived at her school and changed everything. It was real affection for Chizuru at first sight, a shocking change of circumstances for the story’s heroine! She wasn’t just in love but also had a thing for other girls. Chizuru briefly experiences rage and disbelief as she attempts to persuade herself that she couldn’t be drawn to such a plain-appearing, reserved, and innocent girl!

Escape From Grace

  • Author: Ponkotsu Works 
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Seinen

Shizuka is the Nishizono family’s esteemed and stunning ojou child. To grow and strengthen the company, her father’s enterprise is going through financial difficulty. As is customary in upper loops, her dad is trying to find a solution by arranging for Shizuka to wed a well-known celebrity or a descendant of a wealthy family. Shizuka is extremely obedient and adores her father, but she detests having her independence curtailed. Unfortunately, because of her father’s pushiness, she has developed the bad habit of fleeing the house whenever an omai appears approaching.

The Eve of Uneasiness

  • Author: Mio Murao
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Seinen.

Both at work and home, Junichiro Nogi is a somber, reserved, yet uninteresting man. Satoshi Miyamoto likes his illicit relationships despite having a lovely wife and a prosperous profession. Two 40-year-old guys meet the woman of their destiny. When Nogi isn’t at the office or with his family, he visits his friend Asahina, who lives abroad as an immigrant. He relaxes and takes pleasure in his time alone. Ayami Fujimori, a stunning young lady, unexpectedly shows up at the flat and kisses him while requesting to be made into her girlfriend.

Velvet Kiss

  • Author: Chihiro Harumi
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Seinen

Shin Nitta goes back to commemorate the best day of his life following hitting the lottery and getting a job at a prominent company. However, his joy quickly changes to worry the next day when his lenders unexpectedly notify him of his huge obligation. Shin has little prospect of settling off his obligations and can partner with Kanoko Kikuchiya, a lovely woman he once met at a work function. Shin accepts the offer, thinking it would be a straightforward duty, but he must come to terms with Kanoko’s actual nature as a pampered, insatiable girl who always needs his company. An impoverished salaryman must meet his financial responsibilities by appeasing a wealthy temptress who longs for closeness. As their connection develops beyond merely working together, they begin to comprehend each other’s hidden agendas and the true significance of their chance meeting.

What Are The Handy Features Of Mangakakalot?

Mangakakalot provides several functions and resources to make reading manga more enjoyable. The capability to save Manga novels represents a single such function. By selecting the “Bookmark” option on the manga’s page, you may save a series you’re truly intrigued by to your favorites list. You can quickly access your favorite Manga books without constantly hunting for them. The “Follow” option is another helpful tool. You may get alerts every time the latest episode of a manga series is published by hitting the “Follow” button on the manga’s page. Doing this lets you keep up with your preferred Manga series and never skip a new chapter. Mangakakalot users can post remarks and have conversations with other users. Every section has a comment box where you may communicate with other Manga fans about your ideas, viewpoints, and expectations. It fosters community and lets you meet people who understand your passion for manga.


Secret Class Manga is a hit series from across the globe due to its excellent graphics and intriguing narrative. Mangakakalot is the home to freely accessible manga from different genres and writers worldwide. Keeping updated with the latest and favorite manga titles is easy using any device with the help of Mangakakalot. Start reading your favorite manga for free using Mangakakalot!


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