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Microsoft 70-743 Exam Details and Why You Need to Upgrade Your Skills To MCSA Windows Server 2016


Microsoft products, services and certifications are all about value. Microsoft keeps upgrading its products to meet the needs of the users. The upgrades have seen the Windows Server operating system go through the following changes: Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 and now the latest version is Windows Server 2019. These upgrades have resulted in sophisticated Windows Server operating systems that offer better functionalities and efficiency to users in organizations or businesses.

Due to this, Microsoft ensures that as its operating systems advance, you also get a chance to upgrade your skills so that you can offer increased value to your company. If you have MCSA: Windows Server 2008 or MCSA: Windows Server 2012 R2 certification, then you can now upgrade to MCSA: 2016 by passing Microsoft 70-743 exam. We are going to look at the details of exam 70-743 and reasons why you need to upgrade your skills.

MCSA Windows Server 2016

What really changed?

The 2016 Windows Server version has new features that did not exist in the former versions. These features include Hyper-V, Nano Server and Windows containers. Others are advanced features on access and identity and shielded type of virtual machines. The other function that changed is storage. The main storage in the 2016 Windows Server version has additional features that include storage replica, direct storage spaces and QoS.

Microsoft 70-743 exam objectives and details

The Microsoft 70-743 exam validates your skills in implementing the core architectural services of Windows Server 2016. You have to demonstrate your expertise in installing, storage, computing, networking, as well as identity functionality found in the 2016 version of Windows Server.

As for the objectives of exam 70-743, they are the following:

  • Installing Windows Servers in hosts as well as compute environments
  • Implementing storage solutions
  • Implementing Hyper-V
  • Implementing Windows containers
  • Implementing high availability
  • Implementing DNS (Domain Name System)
  • Implementing solutions for network connectivity as well as remote access
  • Implementing advanced network architecture
  • Installing and configuring AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services)
  • Implementing identity federation as well as access features

The Microsoft 70-743 exam comes with 40-60 questions that you have to answer within 2 hours. You’ll find exam questions that come in various types including multiple-choice, simulations, build lists, active screen, hot areas, fill-in-the-blank, teslets, simlets, drag-and-drop and case studies. The passing score for 70-743 exam is 700 points. To schedule your exam, you have to register with Pearson VUE and pay an exam fee of $165.

Reasons to upgrade your skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016

With clear changes in the Windows Server version, upgrading your skills to be at par with the changes would be of great benefit to you and your employer. Here are reasons to upgrade your skills:

1. Increased self-confidence

When you learn new skills, you can take on tasks that are more advanced. Moving up from one skill set to another improves your abilities in articulating issues to employers on the kind of difference you can make in the workplace. Employers prefer knowledgeable, proactive and competent professionals. Advancing your skills will make you the most preferred candidate by employers because you’ll be an asset to them.

2. Makes you more skilled in a specific technology area

Most jobs are constantly changing. It’s important for you to adapt to new trends in technology. The ability to work with advanced features of Windows Server 2016 shows that your skills have gone a notch higher. This means better value to you and your employer.

3. You become certified by an industry leader

Microsoft leads the pack when it comes to technology and other related trends. Once you pass your Microsoft 70-743 exam, you qualify for the MCSA: Windows Server certification that makes you stand out. A certification proves to your employer that you have particular skills that they require.

4. Improved job opportunities

With a certification, you can demonstrate that you can take on certain tasks. Hiring managers prefer certified professionals because they can prove that they are skilled in a particular technology area. Upgrading to the 2016 version of Windows Server will enable you carry out new tasks that wouldn’t have been possible with the knowledge of the older versions only. With the certification in your pocket, the chances of getting a job are higher compared to someone whose skills are not validated.

5. You become more resourceful

With new skills, you can offer much needed solutions at your place of work. These days employers prefer self-directed employees who can anticipate and provide solutions to challenges as soon as they occur.

6. Increased chances for promotions and career growth

The job market these days is all about being able to stand out with competitive skills. The more resourceful you are, the greater the possibility of being rewarded with better job opportunities. As you upgrade your skills, you’ll be confident to apply for jobs that you could previously pass. Your new skills will give your employer the confidence to give you higher roles that you would not have qualified for before. The roles that you can take up with your new found skills include becoming a windows systems administrator, server administrator, systems engineer and networking specialist.

7. Better compensation

With improved skills, you qualify for a better salary at work. As you get new and higher roles, your employer will ensure that they compensate you well. Global Knowledge indicates that MCSA: Windows Server 2016 is among the highest paying credentials from Microsoft. You can earn up to $92,900 per annum depending on your experience and skills.

How to pass Microsoft 70-743 exam?

Now that you understand why you need to upgrade your skills, find the tips that you can use to prepare and pass your exam:

Enroll in a course by a Microsoft authorized instructor

Courses are reliable as they help you understand the requirements and objectives of the exam. The course can be instructor-led or self-paced. The first one to note is the Microsoft Instructor-led course. The other one is 70-743 or Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016exam course can be found on ExamSnap website.

Use study guides

There are books prepared by 70-743 exam experts. Use them to cover the exam topics in greater depth. Exam Ref 70-743 by Microsoft Press is one of the best guides for your exam prep.

Practice with past questions and answers

These are reliable practice tests or dumps designed to help you prepare successfully for your exam. You can make use ofExamSnap dumps that have questions and answers. These dumps help you learn your weak areas so that you can improve on them. You’ll also learn the exam structure and tricks to use in passing your exam.

Be part of a Microsoft 70-743 exam study community

Study forums help you discover ideas on how to prepare from your exam. You get to learn from what the rest of the group members share. To find one, check the official Microsoft website first of all.

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Final thoughts

It’s important to make yourself more resourceful in an ever dynamic and competitive job market. By passing your Microsoft 70-743 exam and upgrading your skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016, you demonstrate your willingness to embrace new technology trends. This way, your skills will never become obsolete! They’ll forever remain up to date and relevant to the new market requirements. To pass 70-743 certification exam you need to be well prepared. For that, check all the materials available on the Microsoft website first and then get the most useful training course and valid exam dumps from ExamSnap.

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