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Importance Of Checking Your Devices For Stalkerware

There are many dangers lurking on the Internet, including viruses, hackers, and malware. Stalkerware is one security concern that many people may not know about.

Stalkerware is a type of malware that can secretly track personal data on your device without your knowledge. It uses this data to profile you and then sell you to advertisers for marketing purposes or share it with other malicious actors who may use it for hacking or identity theft.

check for spyware

People usually don’t know how to check for spyware on iPhone and Android devices. If you want to know about “check for spyware on my phone,” then keep reading this article as we will answer the following questions:

  • Can you tell if your phone is being monitored?
  • Can a spy app be detected?
  • How to check phone for spyware?

So, stay tuned!!

Is it possible to find a spy by myself?

The question of whether you can find a spy app on your phone by yourself has arisen in recent years. It is challenging to spy on iPhone devices due to the complex and highly secure operating system. However, it is easy to spy on any Android device since it is an open-source project.

There are different ways that people can use to check by themselves manually, and honestly, it can be difficult.

Rapid battery draining is one of the first signs that people can consider suspicious. If your mobile battery is draining much faster than before, it is probably because someone or some app uses background resources.

More usage of data is another thing that people should focus on. Spy apps use more resources than any other app, and to transfer data to hackers or stalkers, the app needs to use the internet. If your data is losing faster than before, it is possible that some app is using it rapidly. People can check individual app settings to find out the spying app.

Furthermore, if people notice the strange behaviour of smartphones, they should be worried and take crucial steps without wasting time. The strange behaviour can be anything like turning off and on Wifi, Mobile phone, installing apps that you don’t know about, and so on. People can also download android vpn to prevent such attacks. We will discuss it more shortly. So, it is crucial to keep noticing your smartphone activities regularly to avoid major loss of personal information.

Differences between stalking on iPhone and Android:

An iPhone and an Android phone are both mobile devices with a multitude of functions. One significant difference between the two is that for one to stalk a person on the iPhone, the stalker has to have physical access to the phone due to its advanced and high-level security. It is quite difficult to do it virtually but not impossible.

On the other hand, on an Android device, one can simply download a spying app in the background without having access to the individual’s phone.

However, most of the time, people trap and do the work of stalkers by installing a stalking app on their devices themselves. It usually happens when they are browsing the internet and see a pretty attractive deal or something.  Their IP address and location are exposed to stalkers.

One way to detect and avoid such traps from stalkers is to use an android and ios VPN for smartphone to hide personal information. We recommend VeePN, which is a secured, legal, and encrypted VPN. It provides advanced safety to users online. People can download VeePN and protect themselves online from hackers and stalkers.

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How To Respond to Spyware?

Factory Reset:

To remove the spyware from your smartphone, people should do a factory reset. This will restore their device back to its original state and delete all files, folders, and apps that have been added since they got their phone.

Update Social Accounts:

Many people think that spyware is limited to laptops, phones, and tablets. However, account information can also be compromised by an untamed browser.

A survey found that half of the participants became victims of spying software after opening a suspicious email or downloading an infected file. The most commonly targeted accounts are those linked to social media, banking, and email services.

So, it is always recommended to update social media account login information and add a strong password.

How To Prevent Spyware?

Do Not Root/ Jailbreak Smartphone:

Many people do not know the difference between rooting and jailbreaking their phones. Some people think that rooting or jailbreaking their phone will make it work better when this will do the opposite in reality.

By rooting or jailbreaking your phone, you will void any warranties that came with your phone. You also become vulnerable to spyware that may come through applications on your phone.

Use VPN:

Internet safety can be precarious, especially when using public WiFi networks. The use of spyware is all too common, and it’s preventing people everywhere from connecting to the internet securely.

One effective way to combat spyware is by downloading a VPN service like VeePN. A VPN service encrypts your connections with a private server, providing you with security from prying eyes as you surf the web.

Use Phone’s Security Features:

Most people are unaware that their smartphones can be hacked. The primary reason for this is that many people don’t use the security features built into their devices. These include creating a password, setting up lock screens, encrypting your data, and updating your operating system. If people want to keep their data private, they need to take these precautions.

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As technology and security improve, stalkers and hackers have also adopted new ways to break that security. Stalking people’s data is becoming common now. People should be aware of these attacks and take precautionary steps to avoid them. One way to keep personal information hidden is to use a VPN like VeePN.

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