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How to Make Content Unique with the Help of an Online Rephraser?

Oh no! Has your content been caught with a lot of plagiarism in it?

Plagiarism is poison as far as written content goes. Regardless of whether the content at hand is written for copywriting or academic purposes (or any other, for that matter), plagiarism can be very detrimental to its quality and effectiveness.

In this post, we’re not going to be talking a lot of plagiarism and why it’s bad for your content. Rather, we’re going to be looking at the solution that you can try remove it should it ever occur in your work.

And that is to use an online rephraser.

Marketing Strategies Online Rephraser

What is an Online Rephraser?

An online rephraser is a tool that you can use to rewrite your content using different words, but with the same context and meaning as the original.

There are different rephrasers available on the internet. Some have a very basic functionality while others are more intelligent and complicated. The former type of tools can only affect changes such as replacing some words with synonyms whereas the latter type can go the whole way to change the sentence structure and phrases as well.

There are plenty of different situations where you could need to use an online rephraser. You could, for example, need to add some clarity in your content or you could need to merely make some content more engaging.

And, of course, one of the prime uses of online rephrasers is what we are going to be discussing in this post i.e., removing plagiarism.

How to Make Content Unique with the Help of an Online Rephraser?

Now that we are clear on what rephrasers actually are, we are going to move ahead to discuss how you can use them to make your content unique.

Let’s actually look at this process in the form of steps. That way, you’ll be able to follow along if you want.

Find and Select a Good Online Rephraser

The first thing that you have to do is to find and select a good online rephrasing website. Let’s actually digress a bit here…

There are some tools available online that don’t really differ with regards to their performance. Rather, the difference in their quality is due to things like the ease of use and appearance etc. Some examples of such tools include calculators and converters.

However, when it comes to rephrasers, you have to be particular about which one you pick.

The reason for that is that there are some rephrasers that have a very basic and lousy working. These types of tools haphazardly change some of the words in the content with their synonyms without caring for the context.

On the other hand, there are other tools available online, which are based on artificial intelligence. Due to this, they have a very intelligent working. These types of tools first understand the context of the entered text and then they make different types of changes without diverting from the original meaning.

An easy way to find these types of tools is to do a simple Google search. Just look up ‘AI-powered rephrasers’ or something, and you will find blog posts in which these types of tools will be discussed.

And after you do take your pick from a blog post (or an article etc.), you need to check the tool out yourself to see whether or not it’s worth using.

There are a couple of different things that you can check here. For example, you can either whether or not the tool:

  • is free to use;
  • has an intelligent working;
  • comes with multiple modes for customization;
  • Has a sound user-base.

Use the Tool on Your Content

After you are done finding and choosing a rephrasing website, the next thing that you have to do is use it on your content.

Depending on the tool that you’ve selected, there are going to be multiple methods in which you can import the file. For example, some tools only allow you to type or paste the content in the provided space while some can also allow you to upload the file from your local storage. Some, on the other hand, may go as far as to provide cloud storage integration as well.

So, you can import your content using whichever method that is supported by the tool. And after the content is imported, you can go ahead and start the process.

Once again, depending on the tool that you’re using, the process could be different. If the tool has multiple modes in it, then you will have to specify the mode before starting the process. Similarly, if there is a captcha, then you’ll have to deal with that as well.

Check and Finalize the Results

After the process is complete, you need to check and finalize the results. Here, you can quickly scan through it to see if the tool had made any sort of nonsensical changes.

In most tools, the changed parts are highlighted or bolded, which makes them easy to spot. So, instead of looking at the whole content over again, you can just look at the changed parts and make the job quicker.


And that is pretty much it.

If you want to make your content unique using an online rephraser, the process is not that difficult. In the above post, we’ve mentioned the steps that you can follow.

When using a rephraser, the only thing that you have to be mainly careful about is the tool that you choose. Be sure to pick a smart one so that you can get some intelligent and consistent changes in your content.

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