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Explore the Latest Trends in Editing with an Online Photo Editor

From the old days to now, images are the ultimate part of our lives because they help capture memorable moments. However, to make your photos look creative is your job after capturing the moments. Photo editing is a time-consuming process and requires a creative mind plus a skill set to perform the edits. However, with an online photo editor, the case is not the same. The proof of that is the introduction of intelligence-based tools in editing that perform complex tasks in seconds. If you are looking for a free solution to edit your photos with AI, read this article to the end.

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Artificial Intelligence Role in an Online Photo Editor

Artificial intelligence is a new way of editing photos with convenience and handling complex tasks in seconds. Here are the top AI-integrated tools offered by an online photo editor by CapCut.

Batch Image Editing

An online photo editor offers a batch editing image magic tool to edit and fix photos in bulk. For example, you went for a fashion shoot and captured multiple photos in the same outfit. If you start editing each one of them there is a chance that outfit color may appear different in different photos. This will create chaos in people’s minds about whom to trust. The AI batch image editing tool automatically fixes the colors and makes adjustments to the bulk of photos.

Isolate Your Subject with Ease

In complex images, removing the background from the subject of a photo is a daunting task. In an online photo editor like CapCut, you can erase unwanted objects with the help of background remover. It results in creating stunning compositions.

Revive Precious Memories

An online photo editor brings an AI-supported image restoration tool that can give life to your old photos. Usually, old photographs lose quality due to scratches, fade areas, and other minor to major damages. Image restoration tool in an online photo editor automatically fixes the damages by restoring colors and enhancing details.

Enhance Resolution and Clarity

Forget to double-check the camera and light setting while doing the shoot? Are you worried about the low-resolution pictures you just got and did not know how to fix them? Use AI-powdered tools named Image Upscale by an online photo editor for free. This tool helps to fix the low-resolution images with one click. It helps to bring out the beauty, clarity, and details of the images.

Bring Life to Black and White Images

Now you can bring color to your black and white photos with an online photo editor. With the magic tool of photo colorizer, you can automatically add realistic and natural colors to your old images. An online photo editor keeps the original details and essence of the photo while giving it the colors.

A short Guide on How to Sign Up for an Online Photo Editor to Edit Photos

Eagerly waiting to explore the AI-supported magic tools by yourself? Open up your laptop and create your account now with these easy four steps.

STEP 01: Sign up for a free account

Creating an account on the CapCut online web version is not rocket science. The process is simple and quick and can be done in a few minutes. Go to the CapCut website and click on the signup button at the top right corner of the screen. Enter your email id or connect with your social media account. After the verification, your account will be ready to use.

STEP 02: Import Photos

In the second step, upload your pictures to make the edits. You can upload images in three ways. The first is to use the drag-and-drop drop function to transfer photos. The second is to upload files from Google Drive. And the last one is to upload by using the AirDrop. If you are anxious about uploading your images first, you can practice on the free ready-to-use templates to get familiar with the tools.

AI tool capcut online photo editor

STEP 03: Make wonderful edits

It’s time to make custom edits and transform your photos by using the magic tools of CapCut online photo editor. You can remove the background from your photos. Furthermore, you can fix the resolution by using an image upscale tool, edit the bulk of photos at the same time, or generate stunning portraits for your professional work. Last but not least, you can give a unique touch to your photo by applying the sharpen image online tool.

STEP 04: Share it anywhere

In step four, download your image to your desktop or share it with your friends and family. You can use the export button to choose the file format before saving.


An online photo editor like the CapCut web version provides an unimaginable editing experience with its unique AI tools. It cuts the need for repetitive edits and provides auto adjustment to your photos. To create more creative and innovative photos, start using the CapCut online photo editor now.

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