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Easy way to reduce pdf file size online

Reduce pdf size online – how to use it? This article will explain the functions, advantages and operation methods of the Guardar como pdf online tool launched by AbcdPDF. If you need to use an online tool to solve the problem of PDF file compression, this high-quality, free PDF Compression tools will definitely help you.

Product Features & Benefits


Reduce pdf size online is to compress PDF documents online, reduce the size of PDF files, and keep the best results, compress PDF easily.


Advantage illustrate
Strong security reduce pdf size online are stored in the user’s local browser, not in their cloud server. To process your files, only the platform’s server calls are used for computation. Therefore, your files are sealed off from the server. From this point of view, security on your local computer is also guaranteed.
Efficient reduce pdf size online adopts an efficient coding strategy. In the face of PDF files with multiple objects, the program will first mark the coding blocks representing elements of different formats, fonts, sizes, etc. in the document, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient processing.

The R&D team found that marking and distinguishing the information of each level of the PDF file, and then performing the code conversion operation will convert the page information into a PDF file better and more efficiently.

How to reduce pdf file size online?

Step 1, visit the AbcdPDF tool aggregation page, select “Comprimir PDF”.

reduce size pdf online 4

Step 2, select “Select File” to upload the PDF file that needs to be compressed.

reduce size pdf online 1

Step 3, click “+” to basically add the PDF file that needs to be compressed, and select “Convertir” when adding.

reduce size pdf online 2

Step 4, wait for the algorithm server to quickly perform operations and complete the processing, click “Descargar” to download to the local.

reduce size pdf online 3

About AbcdPDF.COM

The AbcdPDF platform is a collection of rich and full-featured tools, and its behind-the-scenes team is dedicated to promoting its multi-functional online aggregation platform to users and practitioners around the world. At the beginning of the business, the team found that many practitioners would be troubled by some PDF processing problems when working, and some people would choose to spend money to buy some powerful plug-ins and editors to deal with PDF zero-hour problems. The AbcdPDF team believes that the format conversion and processing of the PDF file itself takes time, and if users are also asked to log in, register and fill in the form to purchase, it will put the cart before the horse.

On the other hand, some products have problems with encoding strategies and lack of in-depth understanding of PDF file formats and objects, resulting in unsatisfactory results after conversion. In order to help everyone deal with PDF files easily and change the embarrassing situation of being helpless with PDF, the team began to concentrate on research and development of processing tools for PDF problems. After a lot of hard work, the AbcdPDF platform has become a web page that aggregates many powerful tools, and at the same time, they have fulfilled their promise at the time and are always free and open to users.


Reduce pdf size online – how to use it? The above article shares the operation method of reduce pdf size online for you, which is a free aggregation product that fundamentally solves the PDF problem of practitioners. Users can also use other mature editors on the page to edit, merge, split, sign, and watermark PDF files. If you are interested in it, you can use these functions now by visiting the AbcdPDF platform page.

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