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Cricket’s Global Reach Is Growing – And in Places You Wouldn’t Expect

Everyone knows cricket as a typical Commonwealth sport. Perhaps THE Commonwealth sport. And people naturally associate it with England, India, Pakistan, and other parts of the former British Empire. But actually the sport’s global popularity is growing even beyond these original places.

Let’s take a look at the spread of the sport to new international communities, and see how it is gaining popularity even in heretofore unexpected places. Indeed, there may soon be names popping up on the World Cup winners list cricket that you haven’t seen before. So it will be worth your while to educate yourself on what is bubbling up quietly from below.

Cricket sport

Growth of the Commonwealth

It is common knowledge that cricket has its origins in England and that the sport started among schoolchildren back in the 17th century. As the British Empire expanded, the colonials took their national pastimes with them. And it wasn’t long before clubs – and later tournaments – started popping up all over India and current-day Pakistan.

Pretty soon, the inter-Commonwealth rivalry started growing at a fierce pace. The competition between India and Pakistan is well-known globally. Naturally, everyone wants to beat the English, who are the original players and standard-bearers in the sport. And it is actually Australia that has emerged in recent years as the team to beat, having taken more international titles than any other team.

New frontiers for the sport

But what of the rest of the world? As media outlets become more popular and transportation options to international games become more plentiful, it has become much easier for people to both get to and catch glimpses of games online. So, who has been catching on most recently?

It pays to look. If you’re betting on teams, you’ll want to know who the up-and-coming players are. If you download 1xbet  best betting app for IPL, you’ll want to know who to put your money on. And these countries are getting on board big time, both in terms of their competitive teams, as well as the online activity of their respective fan bases. So it pays to do your homework on them.


The answer is several places in different parts of the world. Malta, for one, has become big on the scene in recent years. The tiny island nation that was once a crown colony of the United Kingdom started getting involved in cricket in the late 1800s. Although its early period in the sport was more casual, the Maltese recently founded their own cricket association and have been actively promoting the sport through various channels.

The association has also been active in building facilities in different parts of the country and establishing a formal network for competition. Its national team has made it to international tournaments recently and has been gradually improving in the rankings.

The US

Few people associate cricket with the US, but the sport has in fact been growing in popularity quite a bit recently. The US recently became a member of Major League Cricket, and has been participating in international tournaments.

Like other traditionally Commonwealth sports such as rugby, new trends catch on quickly in the US. They might start with high school students at private preparatory schools, but once the word starts to spread, new sports start to catch on like wildfire.


Although it is connected to India, people don’t normally associate cricket with the mountainous nation of Nepal. But it is, in fact, quite popular, and has been becoming even more so in recent years.

The Nepalese recently made it to the ICC World Twenty20, and have also participated in other international tournaments. There are now several national clubs around the country, and participants compete feverishly to try to make it to their national team.

Keep your eyes peeled

Keep these names in mind as you check out future tournaments. Indeed, the tide is changing in terms of the world’s dominant players. It will be very interesting to see how this shapes up in the future, and how far these new players end up making it in the ranks. And who knows? There may be yet others that make it onto the scene as well.

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