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7 Best Yoga Apps You Can Choose in 2024

7 Best Yoga Apps You Can Choose in 2024 – Yoga has been practiced for centuries, but in recent years it’s reached a new level of popularity. Thanks to technology, word has spread about its benefits and how it goes beyond just fitness. Yoga is known for cultivating mindfulness, wellbeing, and an overall sense of calm. What used to be exclusive to pricy group classes, has transferred to the digital world, making it easy for anyone to reap the rewards of practicing yoga. Whether you’re an elder yogi who’s journey began years ago or you’re just starting out, this list is curated for you and everyone in-between.

best yoga go apps

These are the 6 best yoga apps of 2022, each featuring their own unique set of benefits, depending on what yoga looks like for you. Each of the apps listed offer an affordable monthly or yearly subscription. Finding time for your fitness goals has never been easier.


This Welltech yoga app is an excellent choice for those who want an all-inclusive, personalized fitness experience. Yoga-Go uses your personal details to customize fitness and weight loss plans that are individualized for you, taking away any guess work. They have plans for every type of goal, from weight loss, flexibility, stress reduction, and strength. Exercises are geared towards weight loss and overall mind and body wellness.

Featuring at-home approved exercises that range between 7 and 30 minutes and designed to be completed anytime, anywhere. You also get to track your progress and share it with others for inspiration. If you like simple and personalized workouts that can be done on-the-go, this app is for you. Yoga-Go is free to download and from there, you’ll have a monthly subscription option of $9.99.

2. Yoga for Beginners

The name says it all. If your knowledge of yoga is limited and you’re looking for a place to get started, Yoga for Beginners is your place.  During your workout, you’ll be guided by an instructor while also enjoying relaxing music. While the app is highly rated for beginners – yogis of all levels have access to options that suit their needs.

This might also be the app for you if you practice yoga for meditative purposes and to achieve a sense of calm. Reviews rave that Yoga for Beginners has done wonders for stress levels. The app has free options with ads, or you can enjoy ad-free workouts and full access at $49.99 per year.

3. 5 Minute Yoga Workouts

Are you constantly on the go? Does your schedule make it impossible to find time for yourself? 5 Minute Yoga is an excellent option for those with a lot of their plate. Maybe you spend a lot of time in the office or on the go, or you have kids and alone time is minimal at best.

You can also experience Ozone Saunas therapy. This therapy can heal you from the inside.  It will enhances ATP energy production, relieve muscle tension and will improve digestion for you.

The exercises are simple and easy to follow, and your kids can join in with you, too. This is also an ideal option to add to your morning or nightly routine. Do you have 5 minutes to spare? The app is free to use, and they also offer an affordable subscription option at $2.49 per month to further personalize your experience.

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4. The Underbelly app

For those looking for a mindfulness approach to yoga, The Underbelly is here for you. It has convenient features, like downloadable options and AirPlay accessibility. Whether you want to focus on breathwork, grounding, or working on postures, The Underbelly does the work for you.

This is an app aimed at inclusivity and caters to people of all fitness-levels. With it, you’ll receive options for modifications if poses are too challenging or if you simply don’t feel very flexible that day. Exercises range from 5 to 40+ minutes, giving you a range of options that suit your energy level. There are a number of free videos, but you’ll have to subscribe to access all of the features. Membership is $9.99 monthly.

5. Find What Feels Good

If you’re fueled by creativity, Find What Feels Good invites you to explore yoga in a way that educates you about your body. Created by the YouTube influencer Yoga with Adrienne, it features over 900 videos for yoga and meditation. Adrienne invites you to get creative on your yoga journey and make it something you enjoy.

Whether you want accountability, to learn, or to connect with a yogi community, Find What Feels Good has you in mind. The app offers a 7-day free trial, and then you can either purchase a monthly subscription at $12.99 or save some money with a yearly option at $129.99.

6. Glo

This app is full of variety and features more than just yoga. You can find classes for any duration of time and for all levels of experience. You can choose from yoga, meditation, Pilates and basic fitness.

As a subscriber, you’ll get personalized workouts, and you can even join live classes with other members. Reviews have countless good things to say about the instructors. Your goal could be weight loss, strength training or flexibility – Glo has a class for you. The app offers a 7-day free trial and then you can subscribe for $18 per month.

7. Alo Moves

The popular fitness clothing brand Alo Yoga now offers a streaming home workout service. You can choose from over 20 different styles of classes, including yoga, meditation, HIIT, and more. If you desire variety, there have a library of 2,500 options to choose from, and new classes are added each week. Go with the flow and use their daily recommendations option or choose from a collection of weekly and monthly challenges.

If you’re someone who wants to feel connected to the instructor, Alo moves subscribers often compliment the personal experience you get with livestreams. The app comes with a 2-week free trial, and then you can choose to subscribe for $20 per month or annually at $199.

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This article features best yoga apps that range from $2.49/month to $199/year, and multiple different approaches to practicing yoga. I hope this article will be useful to you in your pursuit to find the best yoga apps on the market.

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