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5 Best Online Free Youtube Converter Tool: Get Your Video With An Ease

Youtube is currently the largest video-sharing platform with a wide variety of content: entertainment, learning, healing, and fitness. However, not everyone has a stable Internet to watch videos everywhere. Therefore, the need to download and convert videos to save on personal devices and watch offline increases, prompting users to find “What is the best Mp4 converter for youtube?”

Best Online Free Youtube Converter

Let’s read the article below to see which is the best option for downloading and converting videos on Youtube!

YouTube Downloader (YTD)

Youtube Downloader is one of the leading converters in converting YouTube videos to MP4. It helps users download Videos on today’s largest video-sharing platform quickly, easily, and conveniently even when the Internet connection is not stable. Youtube Downloader (YTD) will help you keep your downloading process and resume when the connection is stable again. This way, you won’t lose your downloading progress.

Besides supporting downloading Youtube videos in MP4, YTD also works well on other social platforms like Facebook or Dailymotion.

Youtube Converter Tool 2

Downloading URL:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Various media formats support operation
  • Lightweight operating system
  • Free of charge
  • Rapid conversion and downloading progress


FreeDownloadHq is the leading online Youtube to mP4 converter with many exclusive features and one-of-a-kind offerings for users: supports 15+ file formats, allows downloading with the highest resolution, and storing videos on personal devices with ease. A unique thing about this website is offering premium quality services entirely free of charge. Users do not need to log in or use any account to convert and download videos on the website, nor do they need to pay any fees to use the services here. With just a few simple steps, completely secure and anonymous, users can enjoy their favorite videos without worrying about costs or viruses.

In addition, FreeDownloadHq also allows unlimited downloading and converting of YouTube videos, which means that with each visit, users can convert and download as many videos as they want, giving them hassle-free access to all their desired videos.

Youtube Converter Tool 3

Despite so many features, FreeDownloadHq is very easy to use; anyone who knows how to use the Internet, copy-paste can convert and download the video they want. FreeDownloadHq works well on all devices, whether Android, iOs, or Windows. Not only supports MP4 format, but FreeDownloadHq also supports other fantastic conversions like MOV, 3GP, OGG, FLAC, WMV, MP2, ACC, WMA, FLV, and AVI and offers YouTube-to-GIF Maker as well. All conversions it offers ensure good quality in lightning speed so that users can easily and almost instantly download the video they want.

FreeDownloadHq KEY FEATURES:

  • Support 15 file sizes and seven resolutions
  • Contains no ads
  • Download and Convert for Free
  • Support multiple formats
  • Offer Youtube-to-Gif Maker

Website URL:

YouTube MP4

When it comes to downloading Youtube videos, many people immediately think of Youtube MP4 – a platform that supports downloading and converting Youtube videos with just one click. All users need to do is copy the URL of the video they want to download, paste it into the box given in Youtube MP4, select the desired format and then wait for a few seconds; the video they need will be downloaded to their device.

Youtube Converter Tool 4

However, a minus point of this platform is that it does not allow users to convert videos to many different formats. Instead, users can only download and convert YouTube video formats, making it difficult and inconvenient for many people to use.

Youtube MP4 Key Features:

  • Offers multiple resolutions
  • Allows converting videos to 3gp and mp4

Website URL:



Not only does it support downloading and converting videos, but SaveClipBro also allows users to edit the videos they download, such as adding frames, changing bitrate, resizing video, cropping videos, etc…

Besides the Youtube platform, SaveClipBro also supports downloading videos from music and streaming platforms. Smartphone users can even use the QR Code provided on the phone to download the videos they want.

Youtube Converter Tool 5

SaveClipBro Key Features:

  • Support many different resolutions: HD, SD, Full HD,…
  • Allows users to edit videos right on the website with lots of editing options
  • Allows converting and downloading videos on many platforms other than Youtube

aTUBE Catcher

aTube Catcher is one of the most popular software used by many people to convert and download YouTube videos. The reason why aTube Catcher has become the top-of-mind free converter tool for many people comes from its fast video download speed, convenient and efficient conversion options, and lightweight operation.

Youtube Converter Tool 6

Besides supporting MP4 format, aTube Catcher is also a perfect choice for downloading and converting other formats like FLV, MPG, and AVI. In addition, the unique selling point of this tool also supports PSP format – something that most converters today cannot do, making it the best choice for storing files in gaming consoles.

The minus point of aTube Catcher is probably in its interface. Many argue that despite being an all-in-one Youtube converter and outperforming many competitors, aTube Catcher is slightly inferior in UI Design when the interface is not attractive to some people. However, in general, this is still a must-try converter tool for those who need to download and convert videos.

aTube Catcher KEY FEATURES:

  • Supports a wide range of  media formats.
  • Offers rapid conversion and downloading
  • Allows users to resize the video
  • Supports Blu-ray & PSP format
  • Designed with a simple & easy-to-use interface

Website URL:

Conclusion: It is difficult to answer the question “What is the best Mp4 converter for youtube?” because each platform has unique features and offerings. Therefore, to find the best MP4 converter, you should consider what your intended use is and what you want, then choose the right platform for your requirements.

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However, we do not encourage users to arbitrarily download videos on Youtube as it is considered as copyright violation. Always ask permission from the creator before downloading the video and only use it for personal and non-commercial purposes to avoid problems related to copyright.

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