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Abcd FPD editor-heavy launch with many features

Abcd The online pdf editor provided by the PDF platform has many advantages. Users can easily process PDF documents online without registration and login, including editing, compression, merging, conversion, etc. More importantly, this tool can be used for free forever, and the use process only needs to be opened in the browser, and there is no need to worry about security and personal privacy leakage.

Brand introduction

Abcd PDF is committed to providing users around the world with comfortable and efficient online office tools. There are PDF editors for processing PDF documents on the market, but they also take up a lot of time for users to register, log in, adapt, and pay in addition to high usage fees. , and these products cannot be guaranteed in terms of safety, and users have to operate carefully, which brings many changes to everyone’s office.

With the original intention of serving the public, the brand positions its products as free online tools, and aggregates a large number of online tools with rich functions on the homepage of the Abcd PDF platform to meet the needs of all user groups. Its goal is to provide free, accessible and high-quality PDF processing tools to bring efficient and comfortable office experience to users of web programs around the world.

Push PDF EDITOR ONLINE-Multifunctional & Small

The first product created by the Abcd PDF platform is PDF EDITOR ONLINE, which follows the brand’s philosophy of pursuing high quality and efficient office work. Although it has just been launched, it has already won unanimous praise from the user community. Its powerful functions and convenient operation methods will leave a deep impression on users, and the platform promises that all editors and tools on the website will be free forever. .

Have you ever been at a loss because of problems with PDF files, or have you ever worked so hard to edit PDFs that you spent a lot of time downloading multiple plug-ins online? From now on, all problems will usher in a turning point, As soon as PDF EDITOR ONLINE is launched, it is immediately amazing. First of all, it has the functions of all online editor counterparts. You can edit, smear, print, merge, compress, mark, watermark and other operations on the platform. On the other hand, this tool is designed to be securely isolated from the browser and the server. You don’t have to use it carefully for fear of personal privacy leakage, let alone it will charge any fees.

Below is a collection of tools on the homepage of the Abcd PDF platform, with which various functions can be easily implemented.

Collection of PDF editing, converting, merging, splitting, adding watermark tools
PDF Editor Merge PDFs Compress PDF Split PDF PDF to Word
Word to PDF EXcelto PDF PPT to PDF JPG to PDF PNG to PDF
HTML to PDF Protect PDF Unlock PDF Watermark Page Number
Remove pages Save as PDF Sign PDF PDF to DOCX ODT to PDF
DOCX to PDF DOC to PDF Combine PDF PDFConverter

The platform not only solves the user’s PDF document problems, the team always maintains the determination to “challenge problems”, constantly collect the difficulties encountered by users in the office process, and improve the product functions step by step starting from the difficulties, so that this product can truly To keep pace with the times. Currently, it also supports online creation of Word Docx, Excel, PPT documents and content editing.

pdf editor online

The above is the home page of the Abcd PDF platform, which aggregates all the functions and uses them at a glance.

Compared with some PDF editors that need to pay high fees, this tool does not require any registration, download, login, etc., as long as you have a computer connected to the Internet to process PDF files. It doesn’t leave any shortcuts on your computer desktop and doesn’t take up any deposit space. All operations are edited in the computer browser, which will undoubtedly maximize your office efficiency.

PDF EDITOR ONLINE – has the perfect security solution

So far, the security of digital products on the Internet has also been the focus of attention, and many people are worried about the leakage of their confidential documents or personal privacy. But from the moment you start using Abcd PDF platform products such as PDF EDITOR ONLINE, you are already in an extremely secure and closed environment. It is reported that the Abcd PDF platform has also made great efforts in security and data privacy, and has built a perfect security solution at the beginning of the design.

As mentioned above, all uploaded files are stored in the user’s local browser, not their cloud server. To process your file, the worker just needs to call the algorithm from the server. Therefore, your files are closed off from the server. From this point of view, security on your local computer is also guaranteed.

abcd pdf editor

The above is a schematic diagram of the security scheme.


The following are the three official security solutions, please refer to:

security strategy
Certified Data Center Abcd PDF only works with secure and highly trusted cloud service providers and data centers that are ISO 27001 (Information Security Standard) certified.
Data isolation Abcd PDF keeps user data isolated, which means each conversion is performed in a separate environment. So only you can access your file, no other third party including Abcd PDF team can access it.
secure communication Your data is protected from theft, alteration or transfer. All communications between your web browser, our servers and the conversion host take place over a secure channel protected by state-of-the-art TLS encryption and HSTS web security policy enabled.

PDF EDITOR ONLINE – The team’s story

Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that the PDF EDITOR ONLINE product has the smallest volume and a full range of rich functions, and is relatively confident in security and privacy protection.

Product advantages
Cross-platform processing of documents, function aggregation
Support sending document links online to achieve team collaboration
Support Android mobile phone version, online office at any time
Efficiently upload documents, without registration and login, to achieve efficient office work
Users and servers are separated and encrypted to achieve secure office work
Free forever, serving all users

The Abcd PDF team has been striving to provide extremely simplified PDF editing tools since its inception. The author also learned the voices of some project founders after communicating with the team members for the first time. The reason why I chose to work hard in the field of PDF file services was purely accidental, initially because many office workers were using PDF documents. When they encountered problems such as inability to edit and format conversion, they found the founder of the current project team because they wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible. While solving the problem of the seeker, they found that there are many Problems, such as expensive fees, product homogeneity, easy security leaks, etc., so there is a later story of the brand.

The project team also revealed to the author that they have now opened up two functions of advanced services and customized services. In order to allow users in need to quickly understand, the author has aggregated these data for easy understanding.

type price Function
Free $0 Access to ABCDPDF tools
Limited document processing
Work on Web
Premium $5/Month Edit PDF 120MB
Word Edit 8MB
Word View 8MB
Excel Edit 8MB
$2.1/Month ExcelView 8MB
Excel Create 8MB
PPT Create 8MB
Word Create 8MB
EDU or NPO Edit PDF 120MB
Merge PDF Unlimited
Split PDF Unlimited
Remove PDF Unlimited
Add watermark Unlimited
Protect PDF Unlimited
Unlock PDF Unlimited
PDF to WORD Unlimited
PDF to EXCEL Unlimited
PDF to PPT Unlimited
PDF to JPG Unlimited
PDF to PNG Unlimited
PDf to HTML Unlimited
WORD to PDF Unlimited
EXCEL to PDF Unlimited
PPT to PDF Unlimited
JPG to PDF Unlimited
PNG to PDF Unlimited
HTML to PDF Unlimited
Save as PDF Unlimited
Word Edit 8MB
Word View 8MB
Word Create 8MB
Excel Edit 8MB
Excel View 8MB
Excel Create 8MB
PPT Create 8MB


The above content introduces you to the features of the pdf editor online product of the Abcd PDF platform and the story of the founder team. If you encounter some PDF files that cannot be processed or related difficulties in office, reading, and study, it is highly recommended that you bookmark AbcdPDC. com platform, at any time can wish you a helping hand, free to help you solve office problems.

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